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Dhaka Girls Photo

Modern Dhaka is the center of the political, cultural and economic in Bangladesh.Despite its urban infrastructure is most developed in the country, Dhaka burden of urban problems such as pollution and overpopulation. In recent decades, Dhaka has seen modernization of transport, communications and public works. The city is attracting large foreign investments and greater volumes of trade.

Dhaka Beautiful Girls Photo

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Dhaka Beautiful Girls Photo

The airport is a hub of four major airlines in Bangladesh, including Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG Airlines, United Airlines and Air Regent, and is used by more than 30 other airlines flying to destinations around the world.

Dhaka is a thriving metropolis, colorful and congestion of around 18 million people and rising. Given the number and density of people living there, Dhaka is one of the most frenetic places on Earth. The streets and the rivers are full of colorful chaos.

Dhaka Beautiful Girls Photo

Dhaka’s main port, Sadarghat, lies on the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka Old and full of different ferries, yachts, paddle steamers, fishing boats and floating dhabas full of activity.

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